Week 2

Script analysis, informative masterclasses, awesome cast-mates, brilliant directors, and $5 lunch specials at Alejandro’s Mexican Grill?!  What’s not to love about being a Mill Mountain Theatre Apprentice!  My name is Josh Walker and I am a recent William Peace University graduate and I am thrilled to be here!  It’s only been 2 short weeks since we started this amazing journey here at Mill Mountain Theatre and I feel like I have learned a lifetimes worth!

IMG_9526.JPGThroughout the first two weeks we have staged and put up “The Jungle Book,” sung through musically and blocked the first half of “…Spelling Bee,” had 3 masterclasses, AND began working on our showcase!  It is incredible how much we have accomplished while still having enough time to bond with my teammates and explore the town!  Everyone that I have met, whether that’s crew or staff, has been such great models of what a hardworking, professional, caring theatre family looks like.  When there’s a problem, we fix it!  When someone has an idea, we embrace it!  When something doesn’t work, we keep trying until it does!


This past Saturday we had our first performance of “The Jungle Book” at Heights Community Church and it went great!  The weather was perfect, the cast did an amazing job, and it was truly beautiful to see how much we impacted the kids that were in the audience! Their faces lit up when they got to meet us afterwards. I am truly grateful to be lucky enough to work at Mill Mountain Theatre!  Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled to spend the rest of my month here!



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