Wildly Fanicful

The lights quickly fade to blue, I stare out in the vast darkness that is back of house. I take a deep breath and spell “chimerical: highly unrealistic, wildly fanciful” a word that has come to mean so much to me over the last few years as I have dreamed of this moment.

Lizzy 3
Lizzy Hinton as Olive Ostrovksy

My name is Lizzy Hinton, and I am playing Olive in Spelling Bee as well as Kaa in The Jungle Book. I remember the first time I heard the “I Love You Song.” It was the first night of Musical Theatre camp, and quite honestly, I was a little homesick. So, you can imagine how heart-wrenching this song was to 16 year old me. This role quickly became both a wildly fanciful goal and my biggest dream role, but I was set on a different path. I auditioned for the show twice during my sophomore year of college, but was not cast. I began to think that this show was truly “chimerical.” However, exactly one year later, I finally was cast in my dream show! One slight hitch, I was cast as Schwartzy! Again, one year later, I sit here watching the Bachelorette, reflecting on my experience playing my dream role at last. Since Schwartzy was very different from my own personality, I learned so much while portraying her. Her relationship with her dads has now helped me delve in to Olive’s relationship with her dad. What an incredible experience to get to see and live in a show from two vastly different perspectives. It has influenced my character’s relationships with the other characters, as well as my internal monologue throughout the show. Bottom line, this is an experience for the books, and I will never forget all that I have learned from this show.

Lizzy 7
Lizzy singing the “I Love You Song” with her onstage parents played by Jillian Hannah and Josh Walker

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