Learning On the Job

Hi, all. My name is Savannah Woodruff, and I’m the Sound Apprentice this year. I just graduated from UNC-Greensboro in May, and headed here to Roanoke barely a week later!

When I first heard about Mill Mountain Theatre and then proceeded to research them, I decided that they sounded like a company which cared about their employees and the quality of their work, and that they were located in what seemed like a pretty cool city. This position quickly went to the top of my list of desired jobs, and I was (and still am) absolutely thrilled to have received it.

Sound is an interesting and fun (as far as I’m concerned, anyway!) facet of theatre because it can be utilized in a number of ways to help create a more immersive theatre experience. Collaborating with directors to find, choose, and edit sound effects which fit the needs and mood of a show is one of my favorite parts of this process. The right phone ring or drum beat can add an extra something to a scene!

But my job can also be a challenging one. I have learned a lot about trying to fight wind, really loud traffic, and various other outdoor obstacles with microphones this summer (if it sounds difficult, I promise it feels even harder). I’ve also had to learn patience for when something goes wrong and it can’t be fixed immediately. The show must go on, and sometimes that means that it must go on with a slight hitch you can fix at intermission but not yet. I can only hope that, over the course of the summer, I have done the amazing group of artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with justice.

I will be sticking around Roanoke for a while longer to work on Willy Wonka, Jr., and while I don’t know where life will take me afterwards, I’m infinitely grateful for the opportunity to have been here and experienced this summer with such wonderful and talented people.


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